Crystal Care

Our Story

How did the The Care Concierge come to be? For the last 18 years, my team and I have provided pet care services to many of Loudoun County's residents through my company Around Midnight Pet Services. During this time, we have become valued and trusted members of their families. Approximately 8 years ago, our clients began to ask us to provide services that were outside of our principal offerings. While touched by our client's level of trust, we continuously declined these requests. However, these requests started coming more frequently and not just from our clients. So, I began to explore how we could meet these needs for our clients and others who found themselves with the same needs. The Care Concierge was born!

My original team still provides pet care and my new team provides people care.


Next Steps...

Get started today by letting us help you care for yourself and the ones you love. If you need assistance with a service that is not listed, call us to discuss your particular need. If we can provide care, we are happy to do so.