Service Rate Description
Consultation Visit/Intake Complimentary
  • Learn about company and services
  • Complete necessary paper work
  • Provide two (2) keys (if necessary)
  • Choose and set up payment method
Medical Procedure Attendance $175 (first 4 hours) Add’l hours or fraction thereof billed at $35 per hour
$30 prescription pick up as part of return trip home
  • Care specialist picks you up and transports you to procedure
  • Care specialist waits while you are in procedure
  • Care specialist takes notes, if requested
  • Care specialist transports you back home
  • Care Specialist can pick up prescription, if needed (extra charge)
  • Location restrictions apply
Appointment Transport

Dialysis Transport



  • Care Specialist will pick you up, transport you to appointment, drop you off and return at a specified pick up time
  • Transport is to one location; stops incur additional charge
  • Location restrictions apply
Prescription pick up $35
  • Care Specialist will pick up a prescription that is ready for pick up from the pharmacy and bring it to you
Prescription pick up and drop off $65
  • Care Specialist will pick up the script from you or your doctor, drop it at the pharmacy and bring it to you once it is ready
Companionship Visits $35 per hour


  • Care Specialist will provide quality companionship by engaging you or your loved one in conversation, game play, sharing a meal or going for a walk
Mobility Scooter Rental

Mobility Scooter Purchase

$350 per month

price varies

  • Rate includes delivery and pick up
Check-In Service $35
  • Care Specialist provides peace of mind as you prepare for the day or end it
  • Specialist can provide medication reminder
  • Specialist can be nearby while you shower
  • Visit is 25 minutes
Mobile Notary Service $40 travel fee
$ 5 per notary act
  • A Notary Public will travel to your location and notarize your documents at a time that is convenient for you
Movie Tuesdays $55
  • Transportation to and from the movie from your home
  • Movie ticket
  • Popcorn
  • Beverage
  • Location restrictions apply
Inclement Weather Charge $30
  • Applies to any services provided during snow, ice or extreme rain
Holiday Surcharge $20 day of, day before and day after a major holiday
  • Holidays include: Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year/Easter/Memorial Day/Labor Day/July 4th